Treatments in Mental Health: A Brief History

Treatments in Mental Health: A Brief History

Note: In case you missed my last post, I mentioned that with every entry I am going to include a picture from my personal life.  Whether related to the week’s topic or not, I hope to give you a small glimpse into who I am.  In honor of Sunday’s running of the Chicago Marathon, this week’s picture features “the bean.” … Read more →

Semester 1: What I’ve learned

December first: Thanksgiving decorations are put away, the smell of Douglas Fir fills the air, and fittingly, we had our first snowfall this morning in Rochester.  Not to be forgotten: final projects are due next week!  As we approach the end of Fall, I have started to reflect on what I’ve learned during my first semester at Warner.  I can’t… Read more →

Discussing Suicide

Talking about suicide is taboo. In a culture where traditional norms are being questioned and integration and acceptance are becoming the new themes, it’s hard to believe that so many people are afraid to talk about the subject.   In my Assessment and Appraisal class with Dr. Irene Garrick, we spent a good amount of time watching a very informative video… Read more →