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What Is Our Plan?

What Is Our Plan?

I am very intrigued by the topic of Rochester’s Mayor Robert Duffy’s decision to take over the Rochester City School District. According to various sources, the mayor is seeking to consolidate the City and the school district. Many parents, students, teachers/administrators, and community leaders have expressed different feelings regarding mayoral control for the city’s schools. I have listened to their… Read more →

Overhauling low-performing schools via federal turnaround programs: What's around that corner? And who is there?

Overhauling low-performing schools via federal turnaround programs: What’s around that corner? And who is there?

Quoting a story from the Associated Press. Dec. 3, 2009: “…federal officials have an incentive in the turnaround program, which gives money to states for school districts to overhaul the lowest-performing schools. Districts will have to compete for grants. Applications for the money, made available Thursday to states, should result in a list of about 1,200 schools that states have been targeted for turnaround,… Read more →

What are your Ethics?

Classes are definitely in full swing here at the Warner School, as I have been swamped with work. I never thought I would miss taking an exam, but after writing so many papers these past couple weeks, I must say I have thought about it. Luckily, I was able to complete everything, and although there were some very late nights,… Read more →

What role are teachers supposed to play in students’ lives?

My tenure in the Educational Policy program has allowed me to be increasingly interested in what happens in the classroom.  In courses such as Sociology of School Organizations and Policy Analysis, I often ask the practitioners in my courses what are the outcomes of these policies that are created at levels far removed from students and teachers’ realities.  Specifically, a recurring… Read more →

I Just Want to Make an Impact

I Just Want to Make an Impact

All I want to do is make an impact! Of course, teaching is not the only profession or opportunity for me to make an impact in someone’s life. There are many other avenues where I could make an impact, but I specifically would like to make an impact through teaching. For me, I am not concerned what people say or… Read more →