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Johanna Bond

Johanna Bond is a master's student in the community mental health counseling program at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.  She is from the Rochester area and graduated from Swarthmore College in 2010 with a degree in psychology and English.

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  1. Lynne Kirst
    Lynne Kirst at |

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, Johanna.  As an older student of life, (but too young to know Eve and Newton personally), I worry that I am not that embedded into technology especially in relation to my advisees and students.  I respect your perspective.

  2. Ray | Save the Marriage
    Ray | Save the Marriage at |

    I believe there’s a transference of empathy by being present that cannot be conveyed through any electronic medium, however I wouldn’t rule out their use as a support tool. It comes down to the counseling model being used and the clients specific needs.

  3. Pete Manning
    Pete Manning at |

    This is a good post as it highlights the importance of face to face counseling. Nothing will replace the empathy that is able to be transmitted in a real way when looking at and listening to someone. Technology is a good tool to use after the initial sessions but should really be used only when face to face appointments are not possible at certain times.

  4. Louisville MLS
    Louisville MLS at |

    Enjoyed the post Johanna – technology is amazing. I’m sure its hard for someone to move away from their primary counselor, but technology allows them to keep their relationship going…

  5. Avery the Indianapolis Plumber
    Avery the Indianapolis Plumber at |

    I have a friend who counsels parents dealing with drug problems with their kids. She has been doing it on a local level however she has been getting calls from other states with people really wanting her help. She has recently contemplated using skype as a tool to help the parents. Her concerns were dropped skype calls, so she is contemplating doing some sort of seminar where she can travel talk to larger groups then work something out with the individual parents. She is still in the early stages of the thought process.

  6. Clarion CX 501
    Clarion CX 501 at |

    With young people today finding more comfort in front of a screen than at the dinner table I think that online counseling and support is a huge factor for mental health moving forward.  Good article I definitely learned something here keep it up!

  7. Ann
    Ann at |

    Personally I think there must be a transference of empathy by being present that can’t be conveyed through any electronic medium. Although it may be great when used as a form of support tool. At the end of the day i think it may depend on what kind of counseling it refers too.

  8. Shine
    Shine at |

    I see your point about the importance of counseling face to face. But for some instances where it is not possible to  be physically with the person you are counseling with, counseling through Skype and maybe even through the phone or email could still be beneficial especially if the person you are talking to knows and trusts you already.

  9. New Balance
    New Balance at |

    I think the online medium is certainly better than nothing.  And for some, I think it’s a way to connect with someone that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to.  For others, I think online counseling can be a less intimidating experience.

  10. Monarch ATB
    Monarch ATB at |

    E-Mail is a very poor means of maintaining communication with a case; there’s so much inflection in spoken language that cannot be inferred through text alone; sarcasm, emphasis and the body language that are missing can often lead to HUGE misunderstandings and while live-chat is a step towards ameliorating the miscommunication, there is no replacement for face-to-face communication. In counselling AND real-life.

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