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Johanna Bond

Johanna Bond is a master's student in the community mental health counseling program at the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.  She is from the Rochester area and graduated from Swarthmore College in 2010 with a degree in psychology and English.

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  1. Dave
    Dave at |

    To what extent does a person’s mental health status impact on the approach a counsellor takes though? To a certain extent there can be an over reliance on placing a tag on someoneone and forgetting the individual that is in need of help. I’m a great believer in gaining a great understanding of a person before you even start to think about some form of diagnosis although that can assist as a form of foundation to get you started. For example, when counselling the bereaved, understanding the stages of grief will give a good appreciation of where an individual is within that cycle but that should not be the driving force behind the support that is provided. The right condolence words should always be person centered as opposed to diagnosis centered.

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