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Katy Allen

Katy Allen is a 2012 PhD graduate of the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester. She currently focuses her own research on how students and school staff members understand bullying in a high school context. She has been helping educators to reduce bullying and aggression in schools since 1995, when she first launched her company Impact Training & Evaluation, Inc.

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  1. Lucia French
    Lucia French at |

    I saw Bully in Pittsford on Sunday afternoon.  I waited outside the door as the audience left the theater to see who had come. Happily, it was a diverse group – kids with parents, some teens with friends, women, and quite a few men.  I had heard some of the worst parts already on the radio (for example, the school administrator Katie mentions who was clueless – but aware of the video and so probably doing what she thought was best).  It’s powerful and can be a dialogue starter.  I’m hoping Human Development can show it in our film-series next year.

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