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Francis Patrick Ellis, M.S.Ed. is a Ph.D. student in human development at the University of Rochester. His research explores the intersections of race, gender, and culture as they relate to health and educational disparities.

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    I am saddened by the attention that this case has been given. Let me explain. There were actions by both individuals that led to a situation in which enough greyness occurred to permit an acquittal. I have had countless conversations with friends in Florida, who have been inundated with this news story’s coverage. The Stand Your Ground laws are built for these incidents, i.e. the aggressor becomes the victim and then the law permits them to “defend” themselves. In a court of law, a person would probably not be convicted due to something known as entrapment. Unfortunately, the streets do not work that way. Laws such as SYG only rob us of correct legal outcomes. Now the early frustration that I alluded to is in regards to the way that this case has clearly overshadowed the blatant race related murder, which occurred in the Davis case in Jacksonville. 

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