Meliora: “Ever Better”

web2008-01-02_Eastman_Quad_Meliora_2641This upcoming weekend is one of the University of Rochester’s biggest weekends of the year. It is Meliora Weekend, a time when alumni, parents, students, and friends all gather to celebrate the University. Having just recently graduated from the University of Rochester this past May, this will be my first time attending as an alumnus.

Meliora Weekend is a great time on campus, and it is something that graduate students should definitely take part in. Often times, Meliora Weekend is viewed as parents weekend, an opportunity for parents to come visit their undergraduate children. Or it may be viewed as alumni or homecoming weekend, where past graduates of the UofR come back to relax and enjoy stories of their time on campus. But Meliora Weekend is a combination of these things, a chance to really celebrate the University of Rochester in its entirety. That is why it is important for graduate students, especially those of us here at the Warner School to take part.

I still remember the many events that I have attended over the years during Meliora Weekend, speakers such as Anderson Cooper and Colin Powell and comedians Drew Carey and Steven Colbert. This year’s speaker Steven Chu and comedian Bill Maher add to a growing list of big names that help make Meliora Weekend an event that everyone will remember.

So I encourage all you Warner students, to come check out Meliora Weekend. Even if you are not registered for events, come be a part of the atmosphere. It really is a time that makes you feel proud to attend the University of Rochester.

Article written by

Michael Shea

Michael is a full-time master’s student in the Warner School’s Higher Education program specializing in student affairs. A Buffalo, NY native, Michael graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Brain and Cognitive Science in May 2009.