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Kelly Erin Ludovici

Kelly Erin Ludovici is a master’s student at the Warner School in the school and community counseling program. She is from the Syracuse area and graduated in May 2009 from SUNY Geneseo with a B.A. in psychology.

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  1. Cars Dublin
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    In trying to prevent crisis accuring in individuals I agree you need to have all points of contact in schools talking to one another. Situations can be avoided if the children feel they are listened to, if teachers share concerns with counselors and parents. No one can legislate for the unlikely crisis occuring but we can look for signs in pupil behaviour that are uncharacteristic.

  2. stop sweating start living review
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    Schools or educational institutions should understand this thing. School crisis can happen at times when you least expected. If another life would be sacrificed in neglecting to educate students about this matter, it would be harder for everyone in the school to recuperate from the tragedy.

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